Residential building with shops, garages and underground parking

The new building in the "COMFORT RESIDENCE" family is situated in one of the fastest growing quarters in Sofia - Ovcha Kupel, close to a metro station, multipurpose hospital, kindergartens, market and large green areas.
The six-storey residential building houses 42 apartments with the most favorable expositions and a view to Vitosha mountain. The plans are functional to suit all the needs of their future owners.

On the ground floor there are nine shops, two garages, and a bicycle parking lot. The approach to the underground level is covered with green pergolas leading cars to adjacent parking spaces allocated to each apartment. The residential entrance to the building is surrounded by asymmetrical green spillway areas from vertical planning, which is designed in harmony with the overall concept of the facade.

Apart from its excellent location, COMFORT RESIDENCE is also distinguished by its extremely contemporary vision. Stringy geometric forms are the basic element for achieving modern sound. The architectural style of the building is minimalist. The bulk and sharp volumes dominate, the main goal of which is to embellish the simple beauty of COMFORT RESIDENCE. The dynamics on the facade is characterized by the contrast between white, symbolizing purity and gray, which adds depth. The composite element of the large white strip, which cleverly separates itself, is sought after, by emphasizing a rhythmically arranged wood flotter on a part of the balconies ending with greenery that replaces the classical railings. The overall silhouette of the building is highlighted by façade lighting, which gives a memorable view at night. Each of these details contributes to the comfort and coziness of the contemporary flats that will find future customers in the new home.

Construction company | ELITE Building Company
Consultant | LUXIMMO Finest Estates
Location | Bulgaria, Sofia, district Ovcha Kupel
Functional type | Residential building with shops, garages and underground parking
Plot area | 1 302 m2
Total built-up area | 4 505 m2
Year of design | 2018
Completed | 2020