studio CREATIVE - Architectural Studio

"STUDIO CREATIVE" is an architectural practice created by architect Krum Sergeev, based in Sofia. It involves friends and like-minded people who share the same beliefs about high-quality and contemporary design.

"STUDIO CREATIVE" considers architecture as an art that engages directly with society, with the construction of an environment that helps each of us feel more comfortable interacting with it. For this reason, we try with each of our projects to create more and more interesting and innovative solutions.

"STUDIO CREATIVE" works entirely according to established standards in a BIM environment by all specialists involved in the process, and the work is connected both with private investors on small sites and with large-scale companies on a number of key projects. The work format is organized so that each member of the team is involved in the creative process and the best solutions are found together. Our style of work is characterized by attention to quality and a personal approach in all stages of the investment process, from the idea through the design and so on to its realization.

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