21 May 2019 - studio CREATIVE participated in the annual Residential Forum 2019

studio CREATIVE took part in the annual Residential Forum 2019, in which experts commented on current topics and presented some of the projects they work on.

The topics were related to the trends in the development of the housing product
- Market environment 2019: demand, supply, prices, financing - what will be the 2019 year for the housing market
- large-scale housing projects as a responsible factor for the development of the area in which they are located
- Housing market evolution and segmentation - Niche and innovative concepts or how to deliver better quality, healthier and sustainable housing environment
- the modern residential dweller and his way of life as a basis in the planning of housing projects.

Residential Forum 2019

arch. Krum Sergeev, studio CREATIVE:
In the past year, I can say that there are more and better quality and innovative architectural solutions on the market, and we see in them both an increase in the aesthetics in the appearance of the facades, as well as in their functionality. This shows that Bulgarians manage to follow the example of already successful international practices and, accordingly, to apply them at the local level.

Residential Forum 2019 studioCREATIVE PRESENTATION

Concerning the trends in the development of residential buildings, I think that a balance must be found in supply and demand, as I am afraid that the market will soon be very saturated, which will lead to a decline in its development!

Despite the expectations of higher interest rates on mortgage loans from banks, I do not think that such a phenomenon is observed yet, and urbanization of the territories is still in full force. People are looking for better quality of their living environment. They become more demanding and demanding in the product offered, as this also determines a better way of life. This is, and in my opinion, the reason for observing better quality designs and more elegant, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly facades and layout of buildings that fully meet the needs of the user.

It is unpleasant that we also have some difficulties in reaching higher quality solutions. We constantly and periodically monitor changes in legal and administrative terms, which in turn creates difficulties in the implementation of a project, leading to delays and additional dynamics in the design process. This also contributes to the ineffectiveness of creating an architectural project.
I am appealing for an understanding from our accompanying administration!

I want to show you some of the projects we have been working on over the last few months at studioCREATIVE
I will start with a residential complex - KANSO

KANSO is an architectural project inspired by Zen philosophy, creating a sense of movement, dynamics and aspiration to express in a natural way. The vision is a reflection of a dynamic and modern way of life, balanced by simple and clear forms, emphasized through natural materials.
KANSO is a composition of two buildings. BUILDING 1 is designed with less floors and is located in the southern part of the property, and BUILDING 2 is higher and located respectively in the northern part. Their situation is adjusted and inspected with the summer and winter solstice, in order to provide constant natural light and sunbathing of the apartments on the ground floor, as well as their adjacent courtyards.
KANSO has impeccable quality, functional layout and stylish architecture. Cleanliness, elegance, comfort and harmony that create a modern lifestyle.
KANSO is a natural complement to nature, through the embedded materials - stone, wood and iron and glass, outlining a clear composition.
KANSO is a good example of a modern architectural solution.

Жилищен комплекс KANSO, арх. Крум Сергеев, studio CREATIVE

The next building I want to introduce is the new addition to the family - COMFORT RESIDENCE
The building is located in one of the fastest growing areas in Sofia.
In addition to its excellent location, "COMFORT RESIDENCE" also has an extremely contemporary look. Rigorous geometric shapes are the key to achieving modern sound. The architectural style of the building is minimalistic.

The large and distinct volumes predominate, whose main purpose is to highlight the simple beauty of COMFORT RESIDENCE. The dynamics of the facade are characterized by the contrast between the white color, symbolizing purity and the gray, which gives depth.
The composite element of the large white strip, which is cleverly detached, was sought by accentuating a rhythmically arranged wood flapper over part of the balconies ending with greenery that replaced the classic railings.
The overall silhouette of the building is accentuated by the facade lighting, which gives a memorable look even at night.

Жилищна сграда "COMFORT RESIDENCE - Овча купел", арх. Крум Сергеев, studio CREATIVE
Comfort Residence - Ovcha kupel

Residential building located on BUDILNIK street in Pavlovo district.
It is quiet area, which is mostly built with low-rise buildings. The building is simple with a clean line and a modern look.

In order to create dynamics on the sample and the white facade, the windows are moved on all levels. The applications of dark brown color on the facade continue the effect of energy and in a timely manner create warmth and comfort in the overall appearance of the building. For greater dynamics and highlight at night, the facade lighting in soft tones is complemented to harmonize with its white base.

Жилищна сграда "BUDILNIK" арх. Крум Сергеев, studio CREATIVE

And the last building I want to introduce to you is HOPE RESIDENCE.
Residential building located in an area predominantly built of similar buildings from the recent past, with pronounced cubic shapes. Taking into account the environment, we designed a building that is distinguished in its time with its modern volumes, clean lines and at the same time part of the surrounding ensemble.

The volumetric solution of the building is in clear and distinct forms. Dynamics were sought by pulling the balconies on the different floors, as well as translating the floors vertically.

The façade layout of the building is entirely made of white plaster, which creates cleanliness and sophistication. The main focus is the framing around windows with HPL panels. The railing is made of triplex for the sake of efficiency and a clearer reading of the volumes of the building.

Жилищна сграда HOPE RESIDENSE, арх. Крум Сергеев, studio CREATIVE
Жилищна сграда HOPE RESIDENCE