Come to your TERITORIA

The development and transformation of an area, which for many years has been organized as an industrial and administrative area, continues gradually in its differentiation into a preferred residential area. Located in the southern part of Sofia between the Vladayska River, Tsar Boris III Blvd., bike lanes, several parks and many other urban amenities, a new and exciting project is set, this is your TERITORIA.

TERITORIA presents an entirely new vision for a modern home in the 21st Century. A project of the future that combines the world's best experiences for a fulfilling and happy lifestyle. TERITORIA -is created to impress and excite, located on a plot of 11,000 m2 and built on only 20% of it is something that can not be found in an urban environment. On the free approximately 9,000 m2 there is an infinity health alley for cross-country and walking, multifunctional football field, tennis, basketball, outdoor fitness, children's areas for active experiences, reading area and corners lost in greenery and vegetation, for privacy and recreation. The project is a composition of 5 buildings with different height variations between 28 m and 50 m and individual functionality, but at the same time united with a common avant-garde character. The exquisite design of the buildings is expressed by the dynamics of the sharp edges, which change their direction of movement at a certain interval, forming modules with different widths and heights, designed individually for each of the buildings. The ethereality created by the numerous panoramic windows, the elements with a bronze-golden hue, as well as the light lines emphasizing the movement on the façade elements also contribute to the luxurious radiance of the overall composition. The design of the project emphasizes the line of the modern way of life.

Or TERITORIA considered in the 5 basic principles laid down in her DNA, uniting the values and aspirations of the modern family home:

80% of the terrain of the complex, which is 11,000 m2, remains undeveloped. The free area integrates a wide biodiversity of green areas, shrubs, trees and areas for communication, reading, play and outdoor life.

infinity health alley for cross-country and walking, multifunctional football, tennis and basketball courts, outdoor fitness, children's areas for active games

homes with spacious and comfortable rooms with lots of light, panoramic views and sunshine

buildings with exquisite design and avant-garde architecture. Solid investment value, growing over the years. An iconic complex that will remain a byword for innovation and luxury

arranged infrastructure around the complex, combining all the amenities of the southern neighborhoods, along with a fully developed network of transport, bike lanes, sidewalks and parks

Home2U created for you TERITORIA
Come to your TERITORIA


Client | Home2U
Location | Bulgaria, Sofia
Functional type | Complex of residential buildings
Plot area | 10 996 m2
Total built-up area | 40 684 m2
Phase | In construction
Year of design | 2021