"LVIEW" - 360° panorama

Residential building "LVIEW" is located in a corner property in the central part of "Lyulin", next to Queen Joanna Blvd. It combines a modern and contemporary vision, as well as memorable architecture that creates a different way of life in the dynamics of the big city. The silhouette of the building differs from the general character of the building in the area with its specific shape. Тhe main line of the building in the western part changing its vertical direction by slanting between the 14th and 17th floors and concluding a right angle with the sloping surface on the roof. Due to the clean line and horizontal and vertical orthogonality, "LVIEW" enables easy maintenance and good energy efficiency.

The building is designed on 17 ground floors and one underground floor, which is designed for parking, storage and installation space. Road access to the underground level is via a ramp. The ground floor is again designed for parking, both in private garages and indoors. The first residential floor is organized with 6 apartments. Three of them have individual courtyards that are a continuation of a common park environment over an area of more than 500 m2. It is provided with rich landscaping, organized with asymmetrical alleys, branches with high tree vegetation and corners for relaxation and privacy. The entire park area is enclosed by additional vertical landscaping with a height of between 3 and 6 m with an area of over 100 m2. The rest of the levels have been designed with 6 apartments, with an adjacent vertical communication system designed for them |staircase| and two high-speed lifts, each for 8 people. The top floor is situated at an altitude of over 50 m and is organized with a PENTHOUSE apartment with a clear height of over 3.40 m and a view that creates a sense of different scale above the big city and the surrounding mountains.

The design of the building is with clean lines. The main focus is the chaotic and at the same time rhythmic alternation of identical elements on the facade plane. The backing of the total volume in part of the balconies, designed in a dark color, creates a sense of large scale and clearer reading of the building. "LVIEW" is an iconic building for its area, which creates an opportunity for a modern and different living style in the contemporary urban daily routine.

Location | Bulgaria, Sofia, district Lyulin
Functional type | Residential building with garages and underground garages
Plot Area | 1 240 m2
Total built-up Area | 10 260 m2
Phase | In construction
Year of desing | 2019