Жилищна сграда с офиси и гаражи

Residential building "L2" is located in a communicative place near the eastern entrance of the town of Pernik, in the Ladovitsa district. The area is associated with peace and quiet. Near the property there is a park, a stadium, buildings with service functions and several large hypermarkets.

"L2" is distinguished by its clear vision and shape consisting of three white volumes attached to each other. The well-defined and clear geometry is emphasized by white frames surrounding the four of the five residential floors. The loggias are accentuated with ethereal railings made of laser-cut sheet metal with parametric design, which are part of the large volumes, giving a modern look and complementing the orthogonal arrangement, as well as providing a visual connection of residents with the environment. The play of the sun's rays shining through the railings is a sought-after effect in order to create a different reading of a modern home. The materials used by leading manufacturers are solved in soft shades of white, gray and brown. Their skillful application creates a rhythm in the building.

For greater dynamics and highlighting at night, there is facade lighting in soft tones so that it harmonizes with the overall vision of the composition.

"L2" has five above-ground floors and one underground floor with parking spaces and warehouses. On the first floor there are two apartments with adjoining courtyards, two garages, four offices and an entrance hall. The residential levels are utilized with five spacious apartments.

Client | RUD STROY
Location | Bulgaria, Pernik, Ladovitsa district
Functional type | Residential building with offices, above-ground and underground parking spaces
Plot area | 1 312 m2
Total build-up area | 2 955 m2
Phase | In construction
Year of design | 2021