KASNO is purity, elegance, coziness and harmony united in modern architecture

KANSO - 360° panorama

KANSO is an architectural project inspired by the Zen philosophy, creating a sense of movement, dynamism and a desire for expression in a natural way.

The vision is a reflection of the dynamic and modern lifestyle, balanced by clear forms emphasized by natural materials.

KANSO is a composition of two buildings. BUILDING 1 is designed with a lower floor count and is located in the southern part of the property, and BUILDING 2 is ten storeys and is designed in the northern part of the property. Their setting is tailored and scrutinized by the summer and winter solstice in order to provide constant natural light and sunshine for the apartments on the ground level.

Each of the buildings has two residential entrances to separate smaller common parts. The complex is located close to Tsar Boris III Blvd and Alexander Pushkin Blvd., but in a sufficiently distant place from the city noise, so as not to disturb the comfort of the residents.

KANSO has impeccable quality, functional layouts and stylish architecture.

KANSO is purity, elegance, coziness and harmony that create a contemporary lifestyle.

KANSO is a natural addition to nature, using the input materials - stone, wood and iron, with a clear composition.

KANSO is a good example of a contemporary architectural solution.

On the ground floor in BUILDING 1 are located offices, covered parking, providing parking places for nine cars and covered two-lane ramp leading to underground parking with the necessary number of cars for the residents. On the second, third and fourth level are designed 30 apartments of different size and exposure.

On the ground floor in BUILDING 2 are designed four two-room apartments with their own landscaped yards. On the other nine levels are 72 apartments, each with a favorable exposure and a spacious loggia.

Each loggia is designed with natural wood paneling, suspended on dry installation and panoramic windows. All of them are underlined by voluminous frames that form a harmonic composition. They are dressed in natural stone-cut and steel railing, which continues the movement of the stone, frames are key elements that give a unique look and the overall vision of both buildings.

KANSO - The future found its shape!

Client | Private
Location | Bulgaria, Sofia
Functional type | Complex of residential buildings with offices, garages and underground garages
Plot area | 3 343 m2
Total built-up area | 12 147 m2
Phase | In construction
Year of design | 2018