Residential building with a sophisticated vision and strict elegance

Residential building HORO is located in one of the preferred neighborhoods in Sofia - Ovcha Kupel. Located on Narodno Horo Street near Montevideo Blvd., New Bulgarian University, a number of health facilities, Kukuryak Park, green areas, public transport stops and the third metro line. This makes the property attractive and preferred by the modern citizen. The main access to the building is from the north along Narodno Horo Street.

The metaphor of "green lawn" is skillfully used as the main idea for the materials used in the exterior of the building. The base of the facade decided in an oily green shade, inspired by the freshness of the greenery. The color, accentuating the slats and windows of the building, is dictated by the woody and bushy species on the "green meadow", and the horizontal granite slabs in a soft brown hue located rhythmically on the façade, reminiscent of rock formations and stone groups on the "green meadow". The materials used on the exterior of the building create a feeling of strict elegance and sophistication, and their quality will ensure long life, easy maintenance and low energy costs. The selected materials and colors on the facade fit favorably into the surrounding environment and give a modern and clean look.

HORO is designed entirely for residential needs, and is designed in seven above-ground and one underground floor provided entirely for parking area. It consists of a total of 54 different in size, exposure and function apartments, tailored to all the needs of future owners. Within the property are preserved the existing medium-high white spruces, which together with the newly designed tree and shrub species will complement the natural atmosphere around the residential building. The richly landscaped areas flow into individual courtyards and recreation areas.

The three-dimensional solution of the building follows a regular geometric shape with a clear facade and horizontal accents, which add a minimalist and memorable vision. The many coniferous and deciduous tree species give a feeling of an extra-urban atmosphere. Through the large French windows, located along the entire height of the premises, the airiness of the building, high intensity of lighting and connection between the home and the surrounding environment is achieved.

The overall silhouette of the building is highlighted by the facade lighting, which gives a memorable vision at night. Each of these details contributes to the comfort and coziness of the modern home, which will be felt by future owners.

Client | IDEA HOME
Location | Bulgaria, Sofia city, Ovcha kupel district
Functional type | Residential building with garages and underground garages
Plot area | 1 423 m2
Total built-up area | 5 200 m2
Phase | In construction
Year of design | 2020