Horizonti PLATINUM

Built to impress

Residential building Horizonti - PLATINUM is the new project of studio CREATIVE in the city of Varna. Located in a property between two streets and a challenging height difference of 9 m. A project that not only creates a pleasant living environment, but also provides the necessary comfort and feeling of prestige to the residents. The complex is distinguished by a modern vision, innovative architecture and precision down to the smallest detail. In the free area around the complex, there are richly landscaped and terraced park areas, divided into separate corners for walking, relaxing and playing.

The positioning of the building in the plot is fully in accordance with the requirements of the zone. The volume-spatial solution is formed by three main volumes and one complementary volume, which makes the connection with the future development of the neighboring property. The composition is formed by orthogonally translated volumes in different heights and directions. The volumes vary between 9 and 10 floors, with the exception of the connecting volume to the neighboring property, which is 5 floors due to the requirement of the current detailed development plan. Each of the volumes is highlighted with a characteristic shape and a different color, thus creating a reading of the composition.

The main vehicular and pedestrian access to the buildings is provided from two places, west along Mir Street and east along Professor Dr. Vanko Vankov Street. The underground parking follows the unevenness of the property, passing smoothly from a semi-underground to a fully underground level. Adjacent garages, parking spaces, bicycle parking and storage facilities are located there.

Horizonti - PLATINUM is a building with a completely residential function and offers apartments of different sizes and layouts, designed with correct geometric shapes allowing easy adaptation to its future users. On the top floor, multi-room "PENTHOUSE" type apartments with spacious rooms and large terraces are designed.

The architectural layout of the building is based on vertically moved volumes. This dynamic is emphasized by the different width of the vertical elements, placed rhythmically and forming a harmonious reading of the overall composition. Soft but contrasting color shades are used, expressing a strict and memorable character. During the construction of the composition, a distinctive vision was sought that would stand out from its surroundings.

To highlight the facade panel at night, lighting was used to emphasize the expressive vertical lines. The building combines an individual way of life, comfort and harmony.

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Client | Home2U
Location | Bulgaria, Varna, Mir Street
Functional type | Complex of residential buildings with garages and underground parking
Plot area | 3 360 m2
Total built-up area | 15 720 m2
Phase | In construction
Year of design | 2022