Residential building with a shop and garages

"HOPE" is a residential building located on Yordan Hadzikonstantinov - Dzhinot Street, in an area built mostly with the same type of buildings from the recent past, with pronounced cubic shapes. Considering the surrounding environment we designed a building that is distinctive for its time with its modern volumes, clean lines and at the same time part of the surrounding ensemble.

The building is designed on nine above-ground floors and one underground. On the ground floor there are separate commercial areas and individual garages, as well as spacious anteroom and vertical communication. The residential levels are separated by two spacious apartments, respectively with three and two bedrooms and a maximum absorbed advantageous exposure, through windows "type" French.

The volume of the building is designed in clear forms. Dynamics are sought through the withdrawal of the balconies of the different floors, as well as their translation in the vertical direction.

The façade layout of the building is entirely white plastered, creating cleanliness and sophistication. The main focus is the framing of windows with HPL panels. The parapet is of triplex for efficacy and a clearer reading of the building volumes.

Location | Bulgaria, Sofia, Dr Nadezhda
Functional type | Residential building with shop and garages
Plot area | 646 m2
Total built-up area | 2 165 m2
Phase | In construction
Year of design | 2018