Multi-family residential building with stores and underground garages

The project is a multifamily residential building situated on a convenient and visible location on property located between Boulevard and inner-neighborhood street. The requested style of the building is modern, with large and clean shapes, highlighting the clear composition of volumes, lined with HPL blades protruding from the plane of the facade, which is decorated in dark gray siliceous plaster.

The first and second building "Sofia" were carefully thought out so that their exterior designs to be consistent and create a common and comprehensive volume. Despite their similarity these buildings have different plans, we have sought maximum variety of suites to meet the needs of residents.

Functional building is designed nine floors above ground and one underground and is provided for housing, shops, garages and underground garages levels were utilized as follows: On the underground floor there are 24 parking spaces evacuation and vertical communications. On the ground floor or elevation ± 0.00 are eight stores and six double garage and the entrance to the residential part. From the first to the eighth floor there are three bedroom, three bedroom apartments, a shop and a staircase with an elevator.

Client | IDEA HOME
Location | Bulgaria, city Sofia, district Vrabnitsa blvd. Lomsko shose
Functional type | Residential building with shops, garages and Underground Garage
Plot area | 2 442 м2
Total built-up area | 10 080 м2
Year of design | 2017
Completed | 2020