Comfort Residence - Simeonovsko

Residential building with four sections - three residential and one public service, garages and underground garages

Residential building Comfort Residence "Simeonovsko" is situated in the highest part of Studentski grad, where the dynamics of the city is flowing into the tranquility of the mountain, where the hectic everyday life passes into the coziness of the home. The building consists of three residential sections and one office section located north to take the unfavorable exposition. In this way the dwellings have mastered the other favorable expositions and the invaluable view of the Vitosha mountain as well as the wide panorama of the town.

Functionally, first, second and third sections are resolved on five, seven and eight residential floors with a total of 118 apartments designed entirely in correct orthogonal shapes, creating the maximum comfort of living and easy absorption of interior spaces. On the ground floor there are 33 garages with adjoining warehouses and rooms for general needs. The basements of the first and the second section are designed completely with warehouses, and the third with the parking lots. The fourth section is designed on eight floors and is provided with the public service function and there are located two offices in it with completely open spaces, awaiting the individual transformation, as well as a basement with parking lots.

The sought-after style of the building is modern with clear shapes in a horizontal and vertical direction. Through repetitive elements is created a sense of rhythm, elegance and comfort in the overall perception of volumes.

Construction company | ELITE Building Company
Consultant | LUXIMMO Finest Estates
Location | Bulgaria, Sofia, Studentsky str., Simeonovsko shose Blvd.
Functional type | Residential building of four sections - three residential and one public service, garages and underground garages
Plot area | 3 392 m2
Total built - up area | 14 415 m2
Year of design | 2018
Completed | 2020