Residential building

Residential building "ASSO HOME" is located in a quiet and peaceful place in the old part of Ovcha Kupel quarter near the mineral bath which influenced its vision. The building is located in the inner part of the property in order to achieve maximum south exposure and open space. The building has controlled access for privacy and tranquility, with the yard being richly landscaped and separated with play and recreation areas, which also extends into individual patios. The glazing of the building is defined by large windows, which are "French" type, located throughout the height of the premises, which create a connection between the interior spaces and the greenery in the yard, as well as a high intensity of illumination. The façade layout has regular orthogonal shapes with classic elements that create a strict individuality of the building and at the same time a modern look.

Functionally, the building is arranged on 4 floors with a total of 13 apartments, designed entirely in the ortho shapes, giving a pleasant feeling and easy arrangement of the interior spaces. On the ground floor there are 3 apartments with separate yards through decorative fences and evergreen shrubs, which is a continuation of the landscaping of the property.

The style of the building is classic in harmony with the area, with the main emphasis being the decorative pilasters next to the windows, the corner grouted panels and the cornices. The façade is finished in two colors, the main one being light gray in the warm range and white for accents.

Location | Bulgaria, Sofia, Ovcha Kupel district
Functional type | Apartment building
Plot Area | 1 285 m2
Total buil-up Area | 1 180 m2
Phase | In construction
Year of Design | 2019