Journal "VAGABOND MAGAZINE" The new building in the "COMFORT RESIDENCE" family

The new building in the COMFORT RESIDENCE family is located in one of Sofia's most rapidly developing neighbourhoods, Ovcha kupel.

studio CREATIVE архитект на “COMFORT RESIDENCE” - Овча купел

Architect Sergeev, tell us about the latest building in the COMFORT RESIDENCE family. Why did you design it in so pronounced square shapes?
For me the comfort of inhabitation always comes first and residential buildings with orthogonal shapes are built, perceived, furnished and used much more easily than rounded ones. It is not insignificant. For me it is important that the building blends in its environment, which in this case are buildings from the recent past with mostly regular shapes.

studio CREATIVE архитект на “COMFORT RESIDENCE” - Овча купел

What was the task which the investors presented to you and to what extent do you think you realised it?
The task was incredibly precise and deep, stepping on the basis of a market survey. It asked for a building adapted to current trends. A building with accessible vision and functionality, oriented entirely towards the customer. A building that would fit the budget, but would have recognisable and memorable design.

studio CREATIVE архитект на “COMFORT RESIDENCE” - Овча купел

What inspired you for it?
We have always been open to the leading technologies, trends, materials, designs and functionality in construction both at a local and a global level. Here we adapted every novelty which has somehow impressed us.

What makes the COMFORT RESIDENCE building in Ovcha Kupel stand out from the rest in the neighbourhood?
With COMFORT RESIDENCE we achieved an incredibly modern vision using strict geometrical shapes, large and distinct volumes that underline the building's simplistic beauty. My idea was to keep entirely to minimalism. Another important advantage of the building is its location close to a metro station. The quality of construction is also very important. I believe that this makes the building incredibly attractive for its future inhabitants.

What is the added value for the residents of the building?
There will be many advantages. I will try, without getting into too much detail, to list the main ones. Let's first note the high level of technology in the building: the materials used for it are by established manufacturers, the energy efficiency, the modern design, the overall functionality of the building and its location near a metro station, as well as the brand new infrastructure are just some of the advantages that the future owners will enjoy.

studio CREATIVE архитект на “COMFORT RESIDENCE” - Овча купел

Tell us in short about the materials and construction solutions used in the building?
The materials are in line with all the newest trends. Mainly ones by leading German and international manufacturers are used. As for technological solutions, in the building we looked for optimal flexibility of the function with a beam-free enforced concrete construction. Top class of ceramic bricks with high noise insulation are planned, the shared spaces are luxurious and last, but not least, the building has a stable vertical planning and green areas, according to the design.

What are its unique advantages?
Comfort of inhabitation, flawless functionality, clear orthogonal shapes expressed in a modern design, and all of these realised with the highest quality by an established developer.

Consultant: LUXIMMO Finest Estates
Location: Bulgaria, Sofia, Ovcha kupel
Functional type: Residential building with commercial spaces, parking spaces and underground parking lot
|Plot area| 1302 m2
|Total built - up area| 4 505 m2
Phase: In a project
Year of design: 2018