October 13, 2022 - studio CREATIVE took part in this year's BIF 2022 GREEN | Building Innovation Forum 2022 GREEN

arch. Krum Sergeev and arch. Ivelin Mihalev from studio CREATIVE took part in this year's BIF 2022 GREEN | Building Innovation Forum 2022 GREEN, organized by The City Media Group, in which specialists commented on current topics, as well as presented some of the projects that the architectural studio is working on. The topics in RESIDENTIAL TRENDS 2022 were related to the living environment for a modern lifestyle in residential projects.


arch. Krum Sergeev, studio CREATIVE:
It will be my pleasure to share with you some of the latest projects we are working on atstudio CREATIVE, as well as the trends in architecture that we adhere to.

All the projects that we will present to you today, we at studio CREATIVE rely entirely on the latest trends in BIM design, covering all participants in the work process and reducing errors to a minimum. Breaking this down through the prism of our experience, I think we are reaching a level that requires complex preparation with a lot of investment of time and resources.

I will present to you a project that is significant for us not only because of its scale, but also because of the complexity surrounding its design.

This is TERITORIA. A residential complex that is part of the development and transformation of an area that for many years was organized as industrial and administrative, and which continues to gradually transform and become a preferred residential area.

Жилищен комплекс "TERITORIA", арх. Крум Сергеев, studio CREATIVE

The site is located in the southern part of the city of Sofia between the Vladaiska River, Tsar Boris III Blvd., bike lanes, several parks and many more urban amenities. The design of TERITORIA went through quite interesting phases, such as urban planning principles, functionality and shapes formation.

TERITORIA presents a completely new vision for a modern home in the 21st century.TERITORIA is designed to impress and excite, located on a plot of 11,000 sq.m. and only 20% built up is something that cannot be found in the real urban environment. On the free area of approximately 9,000 sq.m. we located:

– infinity lane of health to be used for cross country and walking, maybe cycling​;
– multifunctional field for football, tennis and basketball​;
– outdoor fitness​;
– children's areas for active experiences​;
– reading area and corners lost in greenery and vegetation.

The project is a composition of 5 buildings with different height variations between 28m and 50m and individual functionality, but at the same time united by a common avant-garde character.

The exquisite design of the buildings is expressed through the dynamics of the sharp edges, which change their direction of movement at certain intervals, forming modules of different widths and heights, designed individually for each of the buildings. The airiness created by the numerous panoramic windows, the emphasis of the elements with a bronze-gold hue, as well as the light lines emphasizing the movement of the facade elements observed during the dark part of the day, also contribute to the luxurious appearance of the overall composition. The design of the project creates trends for a modern lifestyle.

I will conclude my part of the speech with the video presentation of complex TERITORIA.

arch. Ivelin Mihalev, studio CREATIVE:
It will be my pleasure to continue with the presentation of a few more of the projects we have worked on in the team of studio CREATIVE during last months.

The next project that I will present to you is PARADISE - residential building with a distinctive silhouette.

Жилища сграда PARADISE, арх. Крум Сергеев, studio CREATIVE

Located in the dynamically developing area in the capital, Hladilnika quarter, in close proximity to a large shopping center, a metro station, a number of kindergartens, schools and between two large city parks "South Park" and "Loven Park".
The project aims to cover both the high demand class of large residential areas and smaller units for temporary residence.
In terms of functionality, we dedicated the ground level entirely to public service, designing a double-height, large-capacity restaurant with an outdoor garden and large windows, and the second commercial site dedicated to a fast food restaurant.
The guiding principle of the project was to create an emblematic and memorable building that would be in tune with the technology of the area in which it is located. Following urban planning specifics and the necessary distances, we divided the buildings into two volumes. One with a bevel of 71° to the south, and the other with a bevel of 45° to the north. That's how we created this standout silhouette
At each level we take one axis to move to the maximum allowable height.
In this way, in addition to eliminating the shading of the buildings in the neighboring properties, we also ensure maximum sunlight for our building.
To finalize, we covered the distinct forms with high-quality ceramic materials, combining the wooden fladder with the soft radiance of the limestone, which we envisioned in three different tonalities.
We broke the contact between the two elements with linear facade lighting, which will contribute to the memorable vision at night as well.

I also present to you the last project from our presentation, building ZOGRAFF.

Жилищна сграда "ZOGRAFF", арх. Крум Сергеев, studio CREATIVE

It is located in the city of Sofia in the newly urbanized part of western Sofia. The interesting thing about it is that it is located in a corner property with a construction connected to two other neighboring ones, but in a non-standard way due to the depth of the party wall of 25 m in one direction and 10 m in the other.
The building houses underground and above-ground garages, offices and residential units for permanent occupancy.
The dynamically located facade elements at different angles serve to direct and refract the natural light in different directions, relative to the daytime solstice.
The emphasis of the facade lighting is to create a rhythmic horizontal reading of the building.
The materials used on the facade are inspired by the materials used in the construction of the neighborhoods of the recent past, but through a new, modern reading. We have used large-format ceramic plates with a concrete-like finish, and for accent railings made of cut sheet metal.

In conclusion, I want to summarize that all the projects we have presented are on the one hand very different due to their scale, urban planning features and the corresponding functionality, but at the same time identical due to the fact that we emphasize our individual approach, which becomes recognizable.