Residential building with garages and underground garages

The new building BOUTIQUE RESIDENCE - South Park is located in one of the most preferred residential areas in Sofia. Thanks to its proximity to the South Park, its freshness, vegetation and communication, this area is considered luxurious and prestigious. The project represents one of the latest additions to the overall ensemble of connected buildings along street Louis Ayre, where our modern approach has been visibly reflected. Leading the building's architecture are the large volumes framed by HPL panels and highlighted by dark composite material. They flow into the ethereal facade plane, solved with structural glazing. The inserted materials, such as stone, wood and glass, are in line with all modern trends and make it a natural addition to the natural features of the surrounding environment of the park.

We designed the building in such a way that when a person looks at it, he is transported to the dimension of dreams - about how he walks his children or pets, runs for health or simply relaxes in nature in the park. The spacious balconies and panoramic windows prolong the enjoyment of the residents, turning each owner into an exclusive traveler of a beautiful reality.

Functionally, the building is divided into 7 above-ground levels and one underground. It consists of 24 apartments, different in type and size, and for each one special attention has been paid to its living comfort. On the first above-ground level, there are 4 individual garages and 6 parking spaces, designed to have access from the building itself. The underground level is intended entirely for parking needs, as there are 14 parking spaces and 8 warehouses, as well as a room for thermal power station.

The location of the building near one of the most famous shopping centers in the capital, Mall Paradise, creates an opportunity for people who love a hectic everyday life to find their new home. In the surrounding space of BOUTIQUE RESIDENCE - South Park, we have emphasized the possibility of landscaping as much as possible, because what could be better than being at home in the immediate vicinity of beautiful green trees in spring, bringing coolness in summer, beauty in autumn and white comfort in the winter.

Consultant | LUXIMMO Finest Estates
Location | Bulgaria, Sofia, Triaditsa district
Functional type | Residential building with garages and underground garages
Plot area | 673 m2
Total built-up area | 3,188 m2
Photography | Diyan Stanchev
Year of design | 2020
Year of realization | 2022