Modern building with dynamic brick facade - Pavlov

Modern building with dynamic brick facade

"Pavlovo" is a mixed-use building located in the square. Pavlovo against building | AGCC | Agency for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre in corner property with connected building to two adjacent respectively Str. Musala and the local lane boulevard. Tsar Boris III. The site is situated on a convenient and visible location and will be a landmark building for the area. The requested style of the building is modern and the facade will be filled with brick and dark gray siliceous ointments, all elements are in line with modern trends.

Functional building is designed for 10 floors above ground and one underground and is provided for housing, shops, offices, shops and garages and underground garages levels were utilized as follows: On the underground floor there are 32 parking spaces escape staircases and vertical communications. On the ground floor or elevation ± 0.00 are 4 second store 8 double garage and separate entrance to the office area. In the other part of the building are located passage leading to the platform servicing the underground level and main entrance to the living area, which has a lobby and reception, as vertical communications. The first floor has a large office with separate access and 3 bedroom apartments, one bedroom and one studio, and a staircase with an elevator. From the second to the seventh floor there are 4 bedroom, 3 bedroom apartments, one studio, storage rooms and a staircase with an elevator. On the eighth floor are a bedroom, 2-bedroom and 4-bedroom apartments, warehouses and a staircase with an elevator. Ninth or last floor are 3 bedroom, 3 bedroom apartments, warehouses and a staircase with an elevator.


Designer: arch. Krum Sergeev
Location: Bulgaria, city. Sofia sq. Pavlovo, bul. Tsar Boris III Str. Musala
Functional type: Building a mixed-use - offices, homes, studios, shops, garages and underground civil
| Area Plot | 793 m2
| Area | 6670 m2
Stage: In project
Year of design: 2016