Residential building with classic look and modern sound - Pirotska

Project of residential building with shops and underground garages Sofia

In the theme of the colorful autumn season was recreated our last project.

It is a building, situated on ul. Pirotska Str. Father Paisij in the central part of the town. Sofia. The vision is consistent with the surrounding buildings and their classic look, as is inserted note modernist sound to be distinguishable for its time. The building is simple with classic elements and modern look, as an accent in it are angular balconies that are lively skillfully without disturbing the function of living. Color is designed with deep yellow silicate plaster and dark windows and the ground floor is lined with limestone antikiran grid. The building is connected to two neighboring properties, respectively Str. Pirotska Str. Father Paisij.

In terms of functionality the building is intended for residential buildings with shops, garages and underground garages. The levels are utilized as follows: In the basement / elevation ˗ 3.20 / is a common parking lot with 22 parking spaces, all is provided adjacent area for maneuver is also provided a second evacuation staircase accordance with the requirements of fire safety. Vertical Communications elevator and staircase and platform service levels from ± 0.00 to ˗ 3.20. On the ground floor or elevation ± 0.00, are located passage serving aboveground and underground parking, entrance to the hall to the living area, reception, three shops, two double garages and a staircase with an elevator. From the first to the fifth floor there are two bedroom, three bedroom apartments and four warehouses and a staircase with asansyor.Na sixth floor are located one-bedroom, three-bedroom, one-bedroom apartment and four storage rooms and staircase elevator.


Designer: arch. Krum Sergeev
Location: Bulgaria, city. Sofia,. Center, Str. Pirotska Str. Father Paisij
Functional type: multifamily buildings with shops, garages and underground garages
| Area Plot| 501 m2
| Area | 3380 m2
Phase: Under construction
Year of design: 2016