Residential building - Ljubliana 16

Residential building with pharmacies, shops and underground garages

The luxury residential building "LJUBLJANA" is located in the quiet and green residential district "Ovcha Kupel". The building is an extension of the concept of investing company to maintain the classical architecture and improvement of the environment in the area. Building "LJUBLJANA" consists of a basement, ground floor and five residential floors, the basement floor there are parking spaces on the ground floor pharmacy, shop, cafe and a beauty parlor, as well as entrance to the residential part and vertical communications - lift and staircase.

Residential floors with the following distribution: 1, 2, 3 and 4 floors (elevations 3.40; 6.20; 9.00; 11.80) are two bedroom suites, one bedroom and one studio. Elevation of 14.60 m are two-bedroom apartments and eight attics serving the storage needs of the apartments.

The architecture shows a classic European style, silhouette and sleek design, thus building stands out for its individuality as an accent in the existing architectural environment while employed modernist elements will fit harmoniously into the surrounding area. In the design, special attention was paid to achieving good exposure, functionality and a feeling of comfort in the distribution of apartments. The building is made with quality materials, new technologies and highly skilled labor

The site was nominated for "BUILDING OF THE YEAR" You can see more information номинацията


Designer: arch. Krum Sergeev
Location: Bulgaria, city. Sofia, kv. Ovcha Kupel, St. Ljubljana
Functional type: multifamily buildings with shops and underground garages
| Area |: 1750 m2
Phase: Completed
Year of design: 2011