Residential building - Evgeni Bossilkov

Residential building with garages, Lomsko shose, Sofia.

Residential building "Boulevard Lomsko shose" is a multifamily building located in the square. Hope. The requested style of the building is to be consistent with the surrounding environment, using simple elements, but also has a modern appearance.

Functionally the building is intended for residential buildings with garages and the levels are designed with all new trends and requirements such as: on the ground floor or elevation ± 0.00, are input to the hall to the living area, six double garage and a staircase with an elevator . From the first to the sixth floor comprises one bedroom, two bedroom apartments and one studio, and a staircase with an elevator.

Client: "DOM-BG" Ltd.
Designer: arch. Krum Sergeev
Location: Bulgaria, city. Sofia,. Hope St. Eugene Bossilkov Boulevard. Lomsko shose
Functional type: Multifamily residential building with garages
| Area Plot | 2030 m2
| Area |: 1600 m2
Phase: Completed
Year of design: 2013