Residential Bulding Montevideo

Residential building with shops and underground garages and transformer

The building "NBU" is situated opposite the New Bulgarian University, at the corner between the street. "Folk dance" street. "Montevideo". The style of the building is contemporary to meet most of inhabiting environment - students. Also this has affected and in terms of functionality. Color buildings are designed with beige and gray silicate plaster and dark woodwork, the main focus is the alternation of narrow and wide window in a vertical attitude. The plot has an irregular pentagonal shape and area of ​​1410.00 square in graphic data. It has a large displacement from east to west.

In terms of functionality the buildings are designed for residential buildings with underground garages. The levels are utilized as follows: In the basement / elevation ˗ 3.20 / is a common parking lot with 18 parking spaces, all is provided adjacent zone for maneuver elevator platform also has 46 basements serving the needs of the apartments. Vertical Communications elevator and staircase and elevator platform service levels from ± 0.00 to ˗ 3.20. The ground floor has an entrance hall, security, shops, restaurant, cafe, and a staircase with an elevator. From first to sixth floors are two-bedroom, four-bedroom apartments, two studios and one ednoprostransven apartment, and a staircase with an elevator.


Designer: arch. Krum Sergeev
Location: Bulgaria, city. Sofia, kv. Ovcha Kupel, Montevideo str.
Functional type: multifamily buildings with shops, underground garages and Transformer
| Area |: 5000 m2
Phase: Under construction
Year of design: 2014