Family house designed among nature

Family house designed among nature, visualization

Visualization for a house with a pool decorated entirely in a modern architectural style. Like configuration, the house is a combination of correct forms. When this object is set to issued bay windows and canopies and the use of travertine with different key boards, HPL boards with raster and silicate coating for architectural elements. The joinery is a "Shock" dark due searches contrast and glazing entirely with French windows leading to maximum illumination in the home. The railings are glass tinted triplex. The entrance is marked with a canopy supported on columns which are planted with vines for maximum color. The yard is landscaped with a swimming pool in the south and a place for relaxation. Looking at this house we Association of luxury, beauty and comfort.

Employer: ISPDD
Functional type: Residential building
Area: 350 m²
Year of design: 2015