September 24, 2015 - We did first sod of the project: Residential Building Naroden geroi 31

On 24.09.2015 started the construction works of the building Folk hero 31. Investor and contractor of the buildings IDEA HOME, and designer is Studio Creative.

The project of building National hero is part of four buildings built next to each other forming complex, as they are situated on the street. People hero. Located in the old quarter. Sheep font that is richly landscaped and which fulfill the specific rules and regulations of construction under the general development plan. The project is consistent with the prevailing buildings, having sought the classical style.

First dig of residential building Naroden Geroi 31

In terms of functionality the buildings are designed for residential buildings with underground garages and levels were utilized as follows: In the basement / elevation ˗ 3.00 / is a common parking lot with 14 parking spaces, all is provided adjacent area for maneuvering and ramp. Vertical Communications elevator and staircase and ramp service levels from ± 0.00 to ˗ 3.00. The first floor has an entrance hall, security, an apartment and a penthouse, and a staircase with an elevator. From the second to the fifth floor there are two bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, and a staircase with an elevator.

View from the inside yard


Location: Bulgaria, city. Sofia, kv. Ovcha kupel Street. National geroi
Functional type: multifamily buildings with underground garages
| Area PLOT | 574 m2
| Area | 2090 m2
Phase: Under construction
Year of design: 2015

Below you can see pictures of the ceremony

Photography: GeoPalStudio©