Single Family House, village of Katina

The submitted project is a single storey detached house, located in the. Katina (locality mound, Pears monastery), Novi Iskar city. Sofia.
 Yard area - 1552 sq.m.
 Area - 182.40 m
 The terrain is sloped from north to south. The envisaged building is freestanding, the required distances according to the issued visa. Cornice is 10.00 meters.
 The building is designed on one level, which includes: entrance hall, 1 toilet, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, closet and balcony.
 The construction is massive, with bearing reinforced concrete construction columns and beams. The walls are brick and Ytong. The height of the floor is 2.90 m.
 The finishing works will be: on floors - terracotta tiles and laminate Room. The walls and ceilings are painted and partially tiles in the bathrooms. Aluminum windows broken and continuous thermal bridge or PVC.
 The facades will be solved with a combination of two types of color silicate plasters and decorative stone at the base and partly on the walls.

Проект на къща - Хасиенда

The project is a one-storey detached house in Novi Iskar city. Sofia. The style of the house is a type of Hacienda as it was consistent with customer requirements. The plot has an irregular shape and an area of ​​1552.00 square in graphic data. The same is inclined from north to south.

Едноетажна къща тип Хасиенда

In terms of functionality the house is determined as follows: In the basement, elevation -2.80 is a separate basement of 30 m2. The field level of the premises were used as follows: large living room on two levels with fireplace. A raised level with a difference of two stairs is a separate kitchen with pantry. From the living room opens onto the covered terrace with round columns and arches that serve as props on the roof overlooking the pool for maximum comfort, relaxation and comfort. It can be reached by four steps. The yard is landscaped and organized with garden lighting, plochopateki, decorations and landscaping elements. The other rooms are large bedroom with bathroom and dressing room, bedroom with separate bathroom, guest bedroom, office and bathroom.

Къща на един етаж - Хасиенда

Employer: Private
Location: Bulgaria, Sofia region, city. Novi Iskar with. Katina
Functional type: Family Residential
| Area |: 182 m2
Phase: Completed
Year of design: 2011