24 august 2015 - Residential Building Naroden geroi with permission to use

On 24.08.2015 another project became a reality and was put into operation.

Which works issued Permission to use? Permission for use is granted for constructions of first, second and third category determined pursuant to Regulation №1 / 30.07.2003g. the nomenclature of the types of structures. For special projects related to defense and security, permission to use a building is issued by the Minister of Defence, the Minister of Interior.

Acceptance Committee of Naroden Geroi 2

What are the consequences for construction, which was put into operation without being accepted by the established order?

Not allowed to use buildings or parts of them before they are put into operation by the competent authority under Article 177 TDA. Competent authority LST 177 is the Head of the NCSD (RDNCC) for construction of 1, 2 and 3 category and chief architect of the municipality (region) for construction of 4 and 5 category. The category of construction is determined pursuant to Regulation №1 / 30.07.2003g. the nomenclature of the types of structures.
Not permitted constructions or parts thereof are not used for their intended purpose or in violation of terms of commissioning.
Upon finding such a violation of the Law on Spatial Planning, Chief of NCSD or an authorized officer:

a reasoned order prohibiting the use of buildings and ordered their release, a power outage with the electricity, heat, water, gas, telephone and others. The order is mandatory for suppliers and executed immediately.
based composite act under the Administrative Violations and Sanctions, Criminal issued decree.

After removing the reasons that caused the ban, and after unpaid fines and fees introduction of buildings into operation is permitted or certified by the authorities under Article 177 TDA.

Authorisation to use an administrative act is it, and to whom to appeal?

Use permit is an administrative act and is subject to judicial review by the authority that issued it.

How authorizing the use of works for which the missing documents and records compiled during construction, as well as evidence of the quality and type of materials?

In the absence of up acts and protocols during construction of completed works, and / or evidence of the type and quality of construction materials, required to be drawn up technical expertise of independent experts / UACG, NISI and others. / Accompanied by evidence documentation on the results of a survey the state of the supporting structure and definition of basic mechanical properties of building materials incorporated therein at the time of research, including checks on the relevant methods necessary for this disclosure and inspection of structural elements, incl. non-destructive determination of basic mechanical parameters of investment in structures concrete / compressive strength, modulus of elasticity / detection of available reinforcement of key components and comparing with the project, a detailed view of the structure to identify, describe and assess the defects in it, determining the thickness of the concrete cover of reinforcement assessment of the conditions for the emergence and development of corrosion processes in reinforcement, defining brand of steel in load-bearing elements of metal structures, computational checks on taking cargo from seismic, according to Norms for design of buildings and facilities in seismic areas / NPSSZR / 1987., analysis and evaluation of the results obtained to verify the operational safety of the elements of building construction.

Is it necessary authorization for use of completed construction after issuing an act of legalizing it, provided that it has been validated in the form that was built without carrying out further works? How is commissioning?

Completed construction of 1, 2 and 3 category, which have been an act of legalization (replacing the building permit) will be accepted under Ordinance №2 of commissioning buildings in the Republic of Bulgaria and minimum warranty periods for completed construction works, facilities and construction sites (prom. SG. 72/2003.) constructions of category 4 and 5 are subject to the records by issuing a certificate for commissioning by the authority issued the decision to legalize the construction. The category of construction is determined pursuant to Regulation №1 / 30.07.2003g. the nomenclature of the types of structures.

When an act issued for legalization based on the approved investment project - surveying for legalization, which does not provide for additional works, should request the contracting authority for putting the construction into operation be accompanied by opinions from designers for its introduction in exploitation?

After completion of construction or after the issuance of Certificate of legalization, based on the approved project filming for legalization, which does not provide for supplementary works, participants in construction draw Certificate establishing the acceptability of construction model 15 - Appendix №15 to Article 7, paragraph 3, item 15 of Ordinance №3 / 31.07.2003. on drawing up acts and protocols during construction, which is involved in the transmission of building and construction documentation from the developer of the developer, which proves that the construction is ready for commissioning. The request of the contracting authority for putting the construction into operation should be accompanied by the opinions of the designers fit for exploitation because they are drawn signed Act 15.

Where can I pay the fee for a permit to use?

Charges for the use permit shall be paid into the bank accounts of the Directorate for National Construction Control Directorate (NCSD).

Source: www.dnsk.mrrb.government.bg