12 may 2015 -Residential Building Kazbek has act 16

On 12.05.2015g. another project became a reality and got a permission to use.

This is a procedure that aims to create a document by which the contracting authority of legally built completed construction from first to third category receives the right to use it for its intended purpose according to the construction papers. Depending on their characteristics, significance, complexity and risks of exploitation, the works are divided into six categories, in the first category are the works with utmost importance and to buildings sixth category includes works that do not require approval of investment project for issuance of a building permit. The construction works of first, second and third category are being commissioned based on a use permit issued by the Directorate for National Construction Control Directorate (NCSD). The construction works of the fourth or fifth grade are being commissioned by the municipal authorities, and after the actual completion of construction and completion of the acceptance tests, if needed, the contracting entity registered with the issuing authority for construction, commissioning. For constructions of sixth category is no requirement for the issuance of a use permit or a certificate of use issued by NCSD or municipality.

Entry into service of Residential building Kazbek


1 / "construction documents" are all the approved investment projects operating or legalization of construction, building permit or retention permission and protocols for determining the construction line and level;

2 / "construction" are the works by which the buildings are constructed, repaired and reconstructed, rebuilt, or restored;

3 / "order book of the construction" contains the following data:

data about the location and name of the construction according to the issued building permit;
data on contracting for construction supervision builder for the technical manager for designers in all parts of the project and for the individual, exercising technical control for part "Construction", etc .;
all instructions and orders related to the implementation of the construction, issued by authorized persons and specialized control bodies and non-essential amendments approved projects prescribed by order of the designer.

Acts prior to the procedure for issuing a permit for using the constructions

After the actual completion of construction to prepare as-built documentation reflecting insignificant deviations from the approved plans by the contractor or the person designated by the contracting authority. The executive documentation contains a full set of drawings for actual construction works. She is certified by the developer, the builder, the person exercised supervision of the individual, exercising technical control for part "Construction" and the person who committed the construction supervision. The transmission is certified with the stamp of the administration affixed to all graphics and text materials. The working documentation is an integral part of the construction papers. When the construction is carried out in accordance with approved investment projects is not transmitted built documentation.

After completion of construction contracting, designer, builder and the person exercising construction supervision of findings act which certify that the construction is performed according to the approved investment projects certified executive documentation requirements for construction works to comply with the technical specifications and requirements for accessible environment and the conditions of contract. To this Act shall apply protocols successfully conducted tests of single plant and equipment. This act is performed and the transfer of construction by the developer to the developer. After drafting the act establishing the acceptability of construction, respectively. Part of it stage (Form 15 of Decree № 3/2003) The contracting authority or duly authorized person can take action to commissioning.

Competent authority

The application for a permit to operate must be in writing and addressed to the relevant competent authority. When operating permit applies to construction sites from first, second and third category, the request shall be addressed to the head of the Directorate for National Construction Control Directorate (NCSD) or to the head of the Regional Directorate for National Construction Control (RDNCC), depending on submitted his powers by the head of the NCSD. The request shall state the address and telephone number. In cases where the operating permit concerns specific sites related to national defense and security, permission for use of the building is issued by the Minister of Defence, the Minister of Interior.

Necessary documents

The head of NCSD or person authorized by him shall issue a permit for using the constructions based on: final report drawn up by the person exercising construction supervision for construction of the first, second and third category and Protocol 16 to establish suitability for use of the building, compiled by the State Acceptance Commission (PDK) under Decree № 3/2003 on a proposal for issuing a permit. State Acceptance Commission appointed by order of the head of NCSD or a person authorized by him. Appointment of the Commission assignor or assignee submit the following documents:

a written request from the contracting authority or person authorized by him with the specified address and telephone number;
Final Report of the person exercising construction supervision for the application:
- Building permit (retention permission);
- Protocol for determining the construction line and level of inspection results
controlled levels reached bottom, foundations, plinth, cornice and either;
- Certificate establishing the acceptability of construction - Model 15 of Decree № 3/2003 d .;
- A document from the Cadastre Agency for transmitted built documentation, if needed;
- Certified order book;
ownership document or document established the right to build in foreign property or document for the right to build in other property under a special law;
contracts with the operating companies (Electricity, Water, BTC, etc.). accession to the networks of technical infrastructure.

Stroke procedure

The head of NCSD or authorized person appointed or refuse the appointment of PDK within 7 working days from receipt of the request for authorization to use the completed construction sites from first, second and third category. In order to determine the reason for the appointment of PDK, the President and the name list of its members, their place of employment, position, date, time and place of its convening and the deadline for its completion, which may not be longer than 10 calendar days. Committee members have the right to require additional evidence of fulfilled works requirements and the right to free access to all parts of the building. PDK based on the inspection of the works presented documents, the deliberations of the meetings and the opinions of its members drawn-16 model with a proposal for authorization for use of the building or a proposal for refusal of permission for use. The Commission shall complete its work with protocol-model 16 in the period for which it was appointed. When compiling a protocol-16 model in the order specified period, it is considered that there is a refusal to accept.


The head of NCSD or person authorized by him within 5 working days of submission of protocol-model 16 PDK:

authorizes the use of the building;
refuse to issue a permit for use of the building by a written reasoned refusal.

Use permit, which recorded minimum warranty periods, is a document that sets out the functional suitability of the building for use according to the construction papers. Issued a use permit shall be handed personally to the contractor or authorized person. A copy of the authorization for use is stored indefinitely in the archives of NCSD together with the documents in issue.

Refusal and appeals

The authorization for use or a refusal to issue individual administrative decisions but are subject to review only by court order to the district court where the land for Sofia, the Sofia City Court within 14 days from their announcement.