Residential building - NSA

Two residential buildings with underground garages, Sofia

The buildings are located next to the National Sports Academy on Prof. Stranski Street. The style of the buildings is modern and is consistent with the living audience - students. This has also been reflected in functional terms. The color of the buildings is with white and gray silicate plaster and dark windows, the main emphasis being on the asymmetrical windows on all floors and on all residential units. The plot is L-shaped.

Functionally, the buildings are intended for residential ones with underground garages. The levels are used as follows: On the basement floor / elevation ˗ 3.60 / there is a common parking lot with 22 parking spaces, all have an adjoining maneuvering area and a ramp, there are also 7 basements serving the needs of the apartments. The vertical communications are an elevator and a stairwell, as well as a ramp serving the levels from ± 0.00 to ˗ 3.60. On the first floor there is an entrance hall, security, a room for common needs, four two-bedroom, two one-bedroom apartments and two studios, as well as a staircase with an elevator. From the second to the fifth residential floors there are four two-bedroom, two two-bedroom apartments and four studios, as well as a staircase with an elevator. On the sixth floor there are two two-bedroom and four two-bedroom apartments.

Location | Bulgaria, Sofia, Studentski grad, Prof. Ivan Stranski Str
Functional type | Multi-family residential building with underground garages and substation
Plot area | 3045 m2
Total area | 2 buildings of 4050 m2 each - A total of 8100 m2
Year of design | 2015
Completed | 2018